Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is a session?

A studio Boudoir Photoshoot will take anywhere between 1.5-2 hours, and makeup (if applicable) will take another 1-1.5hrs on top of that. Plan to spend 3-4 hours total from the start until the end of your appointment. Do not be in a rush, and take time to enjoy the session!

2. What should I bring?

Typically up to 3 outfits for a 90-minute session. We also do implied and nudes! You can be as naughty or shy as you want and go with your level of comfort on camera.

You can also bring, say, an oversized man's shirt (or your boyfriend's jersey). A bodysuit, a babydoll, a robe etc... Stockings are also great! Don't forget to bring a couple pairs of heels!

Any accessory is a welcome accessory. Did I say accessory too many times? :) Scarves, headgear, ethnic wear, sunglasses, purses and manbags... The more colourful the better - and of course, theme-appropriate.

3. What if I've never done a photoshoot before?!

That is totally OK, and you are in great company: most of our clients will say the same. I will guide you and pose you, and I will even do the poses myself! Basically, all you need to do is show up with your outfits and your hair done, and we'll take care of the rest.

4. Can I get the "raw files" or "negatives"?

In short, yes. Although not recommended, you can purchase all the raw files from a session - contact me for a quote, I might just have a deal!

5. Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! Having a friend around usually gets the session started with giggles, and takes the edge off, especially if you are a little nervous to begin with.

6. Retainer ("deposit") policy

The retainer is usually a $50 amount required to book your session. It is NOT A REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT, but rather a "store credit". You can use it towards your booked session, or you can use it to reschedule your session with a 24hr notice. A reschedule with less than 24 hrs notice is considered a NO-SHOW and results in losing the retainer.

For WEDDINGS, the retainer is between $200-$500 depending on the package you're getting. Similar conditions apply, and canceling / moving the event without sufficient notice (4 weeks or more for weddings) will result in losing the retainer.

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