"Hey Dan just wanted to say it was a pleasure having you two as photographers. Made the day a lot more relaxing.The experience was great and I don't have anything but positive feedback for you guys and will recommend you to anyone." - Anne & Kaveh, wedding

"Thank you so much again. Really appreciate it. I'll contact you for my wedding! It was a pleasure <3" - Pawan, portraiture session

"I am so excited! That one turned out AMAZING! Your work is magic! I'm looking forward to working with you again some time soon!" - Jolene, boudoir session

These are amazing! Thank you guys again so very much, I appreciate all your time and your fun atmosphere you guys provided! :) - Megan, boudoir session

MisfitsPhotography ca-5351

"Loved shooting with Dan, just seeing how he created magic in the space was truly incredible to see!" - Robegiene, boudoir session

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